Colored Vinyl

During this vinyl resurgence it is common to find records with all sorts of colors and patterns. However, back in the day it was pretty rare for record companies to put these out and when they did they were fairly limited editions. So these records aren’t that easy to track down, especially in mint condition. All of these LP’s are first editions, play flawlessly and have covers that appear to be brand new.

  • The Beatles: ‘62 – ’66 & ’67 – ’70 / USA – Capital (1978)
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here / Holland – EMI/Bovema (1975)
  • Pink Floyd: Animals / Holland – EMI/Bovema (1977)
  • Rolling Stones: Some Girls / Holland – Rolling Stones Records (1978)
  • The Who: Who Are You / USA – MCA Records (1978)
  • The Clash: London Calling / UK – CBS (1979)
  • Starz: Violation / USA – Capital Records (1977)

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