Big Bloom: The Soda Bar 2/17/16

This was another night that I was glad that I like to get to shows early to catch the opening acts.  You never know what you’ll find and the range is especially wide at small venues like the Soda Bar in San Diego.  On this night the strategy paid off as I discovered local band, Big Bloom, who were the second to hit the stage (out of four total) in support of the touring Sharkmuffin.

I spoke with the singer, Katie Howard, who said the band had been together about 2 years – but their sound, and especially Howard’s command of the stage, would belie this relative inexperience.  The group switches between genres (and really, do bands pay much attention to genres anymore?) easily as they start off playing a souped-up alt-folk before settling into a spirited psych-surf-garage-rock stomp.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more shows of this up-and-coming band.  And speaking of eyes, I’ll try to get the story on the pink warpaint worn by Ms. Howard, which looked pretty cool under the blue lights of the Soda Bar stage!

Here’s a video of “Punk Song” that gives a good idea of what this band is all about.

Update: here’s a nice interview with Ms. Howard on CinemaSpartan

Check out Big Bloom on Facebook and at Bandcamp




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