Sharkmuffin: The Soda Bar 2/17/16

I still enjoy seeing the big rock shows where bands play long sets with astonishing lights and staging in front of 20,000 fans.  I’ve recently seen groups like Rush, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters clock in at 3+ hours, all with mesmerizing stage shows.

Yet I have to say that I enjoy a night like this, with 4 bands in just 3 hours, just as much. After local acts Lucky Keith, Big Bloom and Soft Lions warmed us up (with an assist from a bar just steps away!)  we got to see New York indie/punk/garage rockers Sharkmuffin.  The three-piece features founding members Tarra Thiessen on guitar/vocals and Natalie Kirch on bass, along with new drummer Kim Deuss.  Together the band, which released their first EP’s back in 2013,  played a propulsive, dynamic set of songs off of their debut long player, Chartreuse.

If you’re a fan of Sleater Kinney, Veruca Salt, HoleYeah Yeah Yeahs et al  – then you better check out Sharkmuffin.

Here’s my clip of “Tampons Are for Sluts” from this show.

Find Sharkmuffin here: / facebook / bandcamp

Sharkmuffin 06 close up




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