Metric – House of Blues, San Diego – Feb. 25, 2016

Sometimes I feel like I live in a bit of a musical bubble.  Since I don’t listen to the radio and none of my friends listen to the music that I do, I often don’t have a sense of how popular a band is. I remember going to a Portugal. The Man show a few years back at the House of Blues here in San Diego, expecting the place to be about half-full, and instead it was completely sold out.

Metric did one better and not only sold out the 1,100 capacity venue but added another show the previous night.  And this crowd really showed their appreciation for this 18 year old band as they sang and danced and responded rapturously throughout the set.  And Metric showed the love back, playing a 2 hour set of hits and deep cuts from throughout their history.

And then there’s Emily Haines, proving that age really is just a number (she’s 42!), as she danced and bounced and bounded across the stage from start to finish.  She really acknowledged the fans and how far they had all come – both the band and the audience – noting that many in the audience may have become fans back in high school and that by now they all had jobs and many had kids of their own.  She talked about what a journey it had been from the old days of arriving in a van and playing the Casbah to playing to a packed house at a great venue like the House of Blues.

Personally, I love the Casbah and I sure wish I had discovered Metric back in those days, but I am also really glad to see talented, ambitious artists achieve this kind of success.

Here’s my video of “Artificial Nocturne” from early in the show.

And here’s the closing number, “Breathing Underwater” (there was a coda where they launched back into the chorus but I didn’t get that).

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