Long Live Physical Media

Here’s my main collection.  I have more in crates and drawers that I’m not sure what to do with – but this is the stuff that matters.  I have a lot of music in my iTunes as well (64,377 songs by over 1800 artists).  A good part of it are digital copies of my own collection, along with music I’ve purchased, and some that I’ve downloaded that is not available elsewhere.  I do admit to going a little crazy back when Napster started, and  I feel bad about that, but not enough to delete the files.  Any music that I possess – that has any value –  I have a physical copy of it.  I need something to hold onto and look at. I want to put it into a CD player or onto a turntable.   I still enjoy sitting down with a new record or CD, putting it into the player, and listen as I read the lyrics.  I’m cool with MP3’s and streaming etc – but they will never replace the sensations I get when I slit open a new LP, take in that new record smell, and drop the needle into a groove I’ve never heard before.

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