Big Bloom – Ché Café – March 24, 2016

Big Bloom closed out a show at the Ché Café Thursday night after sets by San Diego’s Spooky Cigarette and Brooklyn’s Haybaby.  This was the second time I have caught Big Bloom and I still can’t figure out what kind of band they are.  They seem to be pushing and pulling themselves in different directions – from song to song and even within a song.  It is fascinating to hear different genres and influences come to the surface and then morph into something else.  Classic rock, surf, psych, metal and garage all take turns to create interesting songs and a dynamic performance, all with singer Katie Howard’s impassioned vocals laid over the top.  With such a big and varied sound I’d really love to catch this band on a bigger stage and with a much better sound system then the Ché Café has to offer.  But really – catch this group if you can – on any sized stage!

Here are two songs from this performance:  Venus / Step Up to My Face

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