Mr Gnome -Bottom of the Hill, San Fransisco – April 28, 2015

Clearing out my tumblr (originally posted summer 2015):

Last spring I sent my Northern California concert corespondent (AKA my daughter, Mindy, who is going to school at Sonoma State) to see Mr. Gnome play – here is her report:

On Tuesday April 28 2015 at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, I took a friend with me to see Mr. Gnome. I’ve loved them since I first heard their music in high school, so it was amazing to see them perform live. They dove in right away with “Melted Rainbow”, the first song on their latest album Heart of a Dark Star. We were right in front of the stage throughout the concert, with people dancing violently around us and some guy shouting at the band too often and too loudly. It wasn’t enough to distract from the show, though; the duo has an electric presence that matches their fierce, captivating music. Sam Meister’s drums were confident and powerful, and it was really cool to see how Nicole Barille layered her vocals by recording sections of a song and playing them on a loop. I loved hearing some of my favorites, such as “Ate the Sun” off their album Madness in Miniature, as well as some songs I hadn’t heard as often. Mr. Gnome’s performance was truly memorable, and well worth the drive to San Francisco!

Here is a short fantastical film made for the song “House of Circles” off of the  album Madness in Miniature.

And here’s a live performance at Seattle’s KEXP:  Mr. Gnome on KEXP

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