Soft Lions – The Casbah – July 16, 2015

Clearing out my old tumblr blog (originally from Jan 4, 2016)

One of my favorite bands in San Diego for a couple years now has been Soft Lions.  I was fortunate to see them in their debut show at the Soda Bar at the end of 2013; I saw them again the next year opening for Small Black and Snowmine, and then again this past summer at a headlining record-release show at the Casbah.

While Soft Lions is just a 3-piece (guitar/keys/drums), they can really make a racket when they get going.  The band can go from glam/garage fury (”Soft as Lions”), to a 60′s reverb-drenched surf vibe (”Thx 4 the Sanctuary”), to almost heavy metal riffing (”No Peace”); all while guitarist/singer/songwriter Megan Liscomb belts out her confessional and clearly heartfelt lyrics.  But Liscomb and company can also dial it back and create a moody, more chilled out atmosphere.  Songs like “Diary” and “Phantom” bring an emotional depth that shows they are interested in more than just rocking out.

[this show featured Soft Lions original keys player, Lex Pratt]

Soft Lions have released three EP’s so far: No Peace (2013); Earth Energy(2014): and Spellbreaker (2015).  They also recently finished a recording session in San Francisco so we should expect more music soon.

You can get more info, hear/see their music, and purchase the EP’s here:


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