Art Around Adams Part 1 – Imagery Machine – June 4, 2016

There were so many great bands to see at last weekend’s Art Around Adams festival but fortunately whoever scheduled this event managed to have all my favorites playing at different times.

First up was Imagery Machine. I imagine the beginning of this group to have gone something like this: “Hey, we should start a band!” “Good idea, what kind of music should we play?””Let’s play all kinds.” “I’m in!”

That’s an exaggeration of course but Imaginary Machine does have an expansive sound that draws on many different influences. Just check the two videos posted below.  The first clip is of “Lyon”, a summery rock song with a gorgeous vocal melody by Jennie Lynn and intertwining guitar leads. The second is “Drum Winds”, a full blown reggae jam that gives everyone in the band a chance to shine, including the two backup singers,  Kristin Jennings and Daechelle Hernandez.  It’s a highlight of the song when they switch from providing harmonies for Jennie to becoming co-lead vocalists for a chorus in the middle of the track.  And check out the solos by James Howard (Retra) on guitar,  Tyler Shimkus (Mittens) on drums, and Will Mino and bass – these guys can flat out play plus you can easily tell just how much fun they are having throughout the performance.

Imagery Machine bills itself as a rock/reggae/prog band – and that’s an interesting combination already – but even that doesn’t fully describe the scope of their sound.  This is a relatively new band, having formed just last November, yet already they have performed on some of San Diego’s best stages like The House of Blues and The Belly Up Tavern. As nice as those venues are, on this day a sun-splashed stage next to the Kensington Library was the perfect setting and a great start to a day of art and music on Adams Avenue.

Imagery Machine videos:  “Lyon” /  “Drum Winds”

Imagery Machine links:  bandcamp / facebook



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