Art Around Adams Part 2 – Cardinal Moon – June 4, 2016

Next up on this perfect day for local music was Cardinal Moon.  The last time I saw this band was at their debut performance at the Redwoods Revue at the Music Box in early May.  The creative duo behind this new San Diego band is singer/guitarist/songwriter Dawn Mitschele and Al “another band? sure, why not” Howard.  During the performance Dawn explained that once she and Al had decided to collaborate he would send her lyrics from the road during a cross-country bus trip he was taking.  She then provided the music and the vocal melodies.  They liked what they heard once it was all put together and thus Cardinal Moon was born.

Here’s the song “Let Go” from Art Around Adams and here’s a great version of “Ashley River Road” from the Redwoods Revue show.  The latter was filmed and produced by Bella Lugosy of AcidTones.

You can find the Cardinal Moon website here:  The Redwoods Music / Cardinal Moon



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