Art Around Adams Part 4 – Jason Hanna & the Bullfighters

Jason Hanna 01

My father was 26 years old when the BeatlesPlease Please Me came out.  I used to tell him that he was still young enough then to have followed the Beatles and the Stones instead of  staying on the path that lead to Andy Williams and Glen Campbell. But the die was cast by that point, and rock ‘n’ roll was not going to be my dad’s thing.  However, it turns out there was a section of his record collection that I would eventually come to fully appreciate.  For as the British Invasion was in full swing, my dad was listening to The Lonely Bull, South of the Border and Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.  It turned out my dad was much cooler back then than I ever gave him credit for!

So now I’m standing in front of Jason Hanna & the Bullfighters, who are much more than just an homage to their forebears, and I believe I’ve found the missing link between easy listening and rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve seen Jason Hanna play a couple of times as he accompanied Jason Lee & the R.I.P.tides at Tiki Oasis – but I was still wholly unprepared for what was about to unfold in front of me.  If rock ‘n’ roll is as much about attitude and energy as it is an outgrowth of rhythm & blues and country & western, then this is just rock music played with trumpet, horns and vibes.

Since this event, I’ve learned more about  Jason Hanna and his band, and they can effortlessly play straight jazz, swing and ’60s style lounge.  But on this day, they brought a much more intense energy to the stage, and even though their musical styles could hardly be more different, they seemed to be the perfect act to follow the explosive performance of the Schizophonics.  Just have a look at the video posted below.  The number starts with a spaghetti western guitar lick from (the virtuosic) Alex Ciavarelli before Jason enters with an absolutely unhinged trumpet solo.  By now, the entire band has joined in along with two go-go dancers out front as Jason and Alex play dueling solos.  The music and motion builds to a frenzy until finally the band backs off, the trumpet fades, and a familiar guitar pattern emerges.  Most in the crowd immediately recognize the signature  riff from David Bowie‘s “The Man Who Sold the World”.  You can watch for yourself as Hanna and his band play an epic, stretched out, version of the Bowie classic. Enjoy…

Jason Hanna & the Bullfighters – “The Man Who Sold the World”

Jason Hanna links:  website · facebook


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