Art Around Adams Part 3 – The Schizophonics – June 4, 2016

I made it through the first 55 years of my life without ever seeing The Schizophonics and now I’ve seen them four times this year already. I was doing it wrong!  The first time I saw The Schizophonics I had no idea what to expect.  It was a crowded night at The Casbah and I was near the back craning my neck looking for the second guitarist. I turned around to say something to my friend and he was doing the same damn thing!  I get it now but it’s a heckuva thing the first time one sees Pat Beers on guitar.  Another time I saw them play at Shaper Studios for the Soft Lions FUNdraiser and I was amazed at how John Falk could lay down such a solid groove on the bass while still keeping from getting beheaded by the neck of Pat’s guitar. Lety Beers, the drummer, seems safe back behind her kit but I’ll bet she keeps one eye on her hubby just in case.

This was the third stop on my Adam’s Avenue concert tour and it was conveniently located across the street from a couple nice bars so that we could get some refreshing adult beverages before and after the Schizophonics set.  Here’s the Schizophonics playing “In Mono” at the Art Around Adams festival.



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