Art Around Adams Part 5 – Mittens – June 4, 2016

The last stop on my Art Around Adams tour was to see Mittens back at the library stage.  I had seen the band play about a month ago at The Kava Lounge so I already knew how much fun they were.  Mittens play a style of indie-pop that looks back but still has a modern feel to it.  Their band bio mentions being inspired by groups like Rilo Kiley, The Cranberries and The Cardigans – and I can certainly hear the influence of those bands in their sound – but there’s also no mistaking their love of early ’60s girl groups like The Ronettes, The Shirelles and Martha & the Vandellas.  Throw in some surf-rock licks and well-timed blistering guitar solos, to go along with their 3-part harmonies and big hooks, and you have Mittens! 

I had a chance to talk to Mona Mitten after their set and she told me about the beginnings of the band.  She said that initially it was just hereself and longtime friend Lia.  They both played guitar and bass and sang but wanted to form a full band.  Eventually they found their two bandmates, Paul on guitar and Tyler on drums, through classified ads.  Really it seems that they found brothers, or best friends, through those ads, since I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a band have more fun playing on stage than Mittens have.

If you haven’t seen Mittens perform yet, do yourself a favor and get to a show. This band has quickly become one of my favorites in a very talented, and crowded, local music scene.

Here’s a video of  “Fall For You” at Art Around Adams

Mittens links:  website · bandcamp · facebook

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