The Kava Lounge Part 2 – Mittens – May 6, 2016

The next band up, after Retra, was Mittens.  I had heard quite a bit about Mittens and now I know what all the fuss was about.  Mittens’ blend of ’60s girl group sounds, ’90s alt-rock (think Cardigans not Smashing Pumpkins – though I have no doubt that Paul Mitten could unleash some great Billy Corgan riffs!), and modern indie pop really was just as good as I was warned it would be. 

Here are four songs from this performance with the highlight being their tribute to PrinceThe Bangles’ version of “Manic Monday”:

Starting to Care   ·   “Dapple Dandy”   ·   “Manic Monday   ·   “Heart of Me

You can check out more on Mittens, including pictures and video, from their performance at Art Around Adams:  Mittens play Art Around Adams – June 4, 2016

A big thanks to Kara Anne for all the photography in this post (except the setlist).  You can check out her work here:  website  ·  facebook

Mittens - Setlist

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