Tacocat – The Soda Bar, San Diego – July 20, 2016

With song titles like, “Men Explain Things to Me”, “FDP” (first day period) and “Hey Girl” (about dudes that cat-call), it’s clear that Tacocat, a 4-piece punk/pop/surf band from Seattle, are not writing songs for me (a 56-year-old man who still likes early Blue Oyster Cult).  But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate their surf-inspired melodies, clever lyrics and infectious energy.  Really it seems like The Soda Bar is hosting a weeks-long punk/pop Seattle music-fest, as Tacocat would fit seamlessly onto a bill with fellow Emerald City bands like La Luz and wimps, who also played the venerable Normal Heights/Corridor dive bar. This trend continues too as Lisa Prank will hit the same padded corner stage on August 10th (and don’t be late for that show as our own Polish will kick things off early!).

Here’s a full video from the show of the song “The Internet” off of their LP Lost Time, which came out this year on the Hardly Art label.

Unfortunately I was double booked on this night (caught The Joy Formidable over at The Irenic) and arrived too late to see San Diego favorites Soft Lions and Tacocat’s tour-mates The Regrettes.  I heard both bands played great sets, so for more on this radtastic show check out my friend Rob Patrick’s story over on Cinema Spartan: Build a Bridge to Hawaii.  But don’t forget about my little site once you see how cool Cinema Spartan is!!

And before you go, check out these clips from the show: the first two are back-to-back from the song “Dana Katherine Scully” and the third one is from “Crimson Wave”.

And one more thing.  From one MAM (middle-aged-man) to another – the next time you park your 6’ 2” (not slender) frame right up against a small stage and two 5’ 2” young women are right behind you – take a step back and let them up to see the show.  I’m pretty sure Tacocat is a little more relevant to them than they are to you.  I was introduced to you but I forget your name.  I think it might have been a nick-name for Richard.

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