The Palace Ballroom – “Brass Tacks”

Did you like the 90′s?  I really liked the 90′s.  Apparently so does The Palace Ballroom, an indie/post-grunge/melodic alt-rock band from San Diego.  And really, fuck it, don’t worry about genres or labels or styles – just click the arrow, turn your volume up, and rock out…

The Palace Ballroom: websitefacebook bandcamp – sdreader

Lion & the Lady – “Wish it Wasn’t You”

This atmospheric track off the San Diego duo’s debut LP, The Grey, has a timeless quality to it and is perfect for when you want to just chill out.  Lion & the Lady is comprised of Al (I’m not happy unless I’m in 17 bands) Howard and Trent Hancock of ghostbird

Check out Lion and the Lady here: website/store / facebook / bandcamp

Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trama”

I do a lot of my music listening in my car (a Toyota Highlander which is basically just a life support system for a pretty awesome sound system).  I seem to usually listen with the volume somewhere between 15 and 20 (out of 40).  This album, Here and Nowhere Else, is new to me and when this song came on I instinctively reached for the volume knob and cranked it to concert level volume.  Then replayed it. This song starts with a slow build, then shifts into another gear and then just plain explodes all over place.

Plants & Animals – “That Was the End of That”

Sometimes I spend so much time checking out new music that I don’t pay close enough attention to what I already have.  Here is an absolute gem from Canadian indie outfit Plants & Animals.  This is the title track from their 2012 album of the same name. I played this song on the way to the beach with my son and daughter yesterday and as I bopped my head back and forth I looked in the rear-view mirror and I was perfectly in time with my daughter’s head bop!

Plants & Animals just released their followup album but I have not heard it yet – more on that soon…

Sunburn Sessions: Gloomsday – “Ooh La Hey”

There seems to be no end to the supply of two piece guitar/drum duos in rock n’ roll these days.  Here is Gloomsday, the self-described “doom pop” band from San Diego, rockin’ out on a track from their Sunburn Sessions EP, released in  2015.  Gloomsday is easily one of my favorite San Diego bands – more on them soon…

Pins – Too Little Too Late


When I was a senior at UCSB I had a mass media course and along with two friends in the class we put together music and slide show presentation focusing on the still emerging punk rock scene. We explored how the genre was influenced by the society at large and in turn how our culture was being influenced by punk rock.  The final 90 seconds of the presentation had every picture we could find of punk musicians and fans flipping off the camera set to music by the Germs, Fear, Circle Jerks, X and others.

This song by UK indie pop/punkers Pins, shows that 35 years later punk’s influence is still going strong and that middle fingers are still a useful form of communication.

Check out Pins on their website and facebook page.


Coming soon from Dublin – Sing Street



This movie is MaxSounds approved!  I had a chance to see a preview of Sing Street, a movie about a bunch of Irish teens starting a band in the early 80′s.  Awesome music from the period to go along with a charming story.  Thanks to Anders Wright, film critic for the UT San Diego, for the invitation.  Keep an eye out for Sing Street in the theaters soon!