Records Collecting Dust

If you are into vinyl records, and especially if you consider yourself somewhat of a collector, be sure to see the documentary Records Collecting Dust.  The film features a cross section of musicians from the alternative and punk rock world talking about and showing their record collections. There’s Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag), John Reis (Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes), Mike Watt (Minutemen)  and many more talking passionately about the first record they ever purchased, the last record they bought and everything in between!

And don’t worry if you’re not really into punk rock for this isn’t a film about that genre.  It’s a film about records, and record stores, and how much they matter to them and to us.  One of the fun things to learn is just how wide and varied the musical tastes and collections are of these artists and how the records they purchased growing up influenced their own music and lives.


Long Live Physical Media

Here’s my main collection.  I have more in crates and drawers that I’m not sure what to do with – but this is the stuff that matters.  I have a lot of music in my iTunes as well (64,377 songs by over 1800 artists).  A good part of it are digital copies of my own collection, along with music I’ve purchased, and some that I’ve downloaded that is not available elsewhere.  I do admit to going a little crazy back when Napster started, and  I feel bad about that, but not enough to delete the files.  Any music that I possess – that has any value –  I have a physical copy of it.  I need something to hold onto and look at. I want to put it into a CD player or onto a turntable.   I still enjoy sitting down with a new record or CD, putting it into the player, and listen as I read the lyrics.  I’m cool with MP3’s and streaming etc – but they will never replace the sensations I get when I slit open a new LP, take in that new record smell, and drop the needle into a groove I’ve never heard before.